About Us

Roseland Ceasefire Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization working with community-based organizations and others to develop and implement strategies to a) reduce and prevent gun violence, b) assist domestic abuse victims, c) mentor youth for employment readiness, d) provide marriage counseling, and e) serve as partner in Chicago Public School’s Safe Passage program.

The Roseland Ceasefire Project was established in November 2006 as an initiative of the Chicago Violence Prevention Project.

Roseland Ceasefire has a long history of working with community organizations to affect positive change in the community. Those organizations include the Chicago Police Department, University of Illinois, State of Illinois, Cook County, Roseland Community Hospital, local pastors, and local community organizations. In addition to synergizing with the above organizations, through grass root efforts, Roseland Ceasefire hires from the community and understands the innerworkings of the community and provides unique support through a strong public education campaign on multiple public service issues.

Roseland Ceasefire has extensive history in the community and has built the requisite relationships within the community to be an effective community-based organization. In fact, Roseland Ceasefire’s experience within the community, as well successfully managing multiple programs, attests to Roseland Ceasefire being an essential and needed organization.