When The Cameras Leave...

We Are Still There

Our Mission

Develop and deploy proven violence mitigation techniques and actions to stop and/or reduce violence of all. kinds in our community.

Improve overall community wellness through education, social advocacy, and philanthropy.

What We Do


Our experienced team of professionals are dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive environment that supports the growth and empowerment of our youth. We work closely with families  to help ensure that our programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each young person.

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Shooting Response

In the event of a shooting, we swiftly respond to protect lives and ensure the safety of individuals. Our actions include alerting and evacuating people to safe locations, coordinating with law enforcement, providing immediate medical assistance, facilitating reunification and support, and cooperating with investigations. We prioritize community safety and continuously update our response plan to stay prepared for such incidents.

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Violence prevention & interruptions

At Roseland Ceasefire, we are dedicated to proactive interventions that disrupt violence cycles, fostering safer communities through targeted strategies and impactful actions. Together, we make a tangible difference in preventing violence and building a brighter future.

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We offer after school programs to help keep our youth out of trouble by providing development activities such as conflict resolution, tutoring, etc.

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Our counseling service offers support for those impacted by gun violence, helping navigate grief and mental health challenges. Our licensed professionals provide evidence-based therapies for a safe and compassionate healing environment.

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Contact our office where our staff are happy to help.