Roseland Ceasefire project inc.

Welcome to the Roseland Ceasefire Project, a groundbreaking initiative born in November 2006 under the umbrella of the Chicago Violence Prevention Project. With an unwavering commitment to our community, Roseland Ceasefire has been instrumental in driving positive transformations throughout the area. We pride ourselves on fostering strong partnerships with influential entities such as the Chicago Police Department, University of Illinois, State of Illinois, Cook County, Roseland Community Hospital, dedicated local pastors, and various community organizations. Together, we strive to create a safer and more prosperous environment for all residents.

We Are a Non-Profit Partnering with Community-Based Organizations to Foster the Development & Implementation of Strategies to:

Reduce & Prevent Gun Violence

Assist Domestic Abuse Victims

Mentor Youth for Employment Readiness

RCF Executive Leadership

Meet our awesome team who are focused on violence prevention and reduction in the community

bob jackson


warren wright

Cheif Of Staff

annette alexander